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Slice of Cake



Flour, eggs, milk and a little je ne sais quois...theres something quite
extraordinary about Crêpe Lucette.


Known for our quirks, we are more than simply a delicious crêpe,
Crêpe Lucette offers a unique dining experience with sumptuous flavour
and vintage style assembled with mouthwatering French style crêpes.

From unique dining experiences where we WOW guests with a unique twist to the French Crêpe, creating a crepe menu inspired by traditional British and European dishes such as lasagne and beef wellington.


We now bring you Mille Crepe Cakes. These delicate French delights originated from France as a French pastry called 'gâteau de crêpes', but were then modernised and invented by Japanese pastry chef Emy Wadawere who called them Mille Crepe Cakes, which means 'a thousand layers'

The cake is made up of twenty delicate layers of crepe and filled with a selection of sweet fillings including buttercream, fruit, fresh cream or ganache. There are endless mouth-watering possibilities to suit the sweet tooth or even the most discerning sweet treat diners.


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Got a special celebration coming up and want a cake that's as special and unique as your loved one? Or fancy treating yourself to something a little bit naughty with a cuppa, just because?

You will be able to purchase these delectable fancies online and they will be popping through your door very soon

The Lucettes are busy putting the final touches to perfecting our recipes


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